Is upgrading to trunk "back to normal" now?

  • I haven’t seen anything in the announcements section on the forum here so I wanted to ask what is the status with upgrading to trunk using the various options, svn, git, btsync, wget?

    I used to use SVN, the last time I updated I used git because of the sourceforge outage.

    What avenue is working correctly right now?

  • Moderator

    SVN will look a bit odd at first glance since its revision number no longer matches the current software revision that you will receive.

    For example (numbers are made up for my time’s sake):
    SVN shows rev 3899, installed FOG shows 4591. This is okay and normal now.

  • Developer

    i’m not sure about btsync, i’ve never used that one.
    wget would depend on where you’re pointing it to.
    git and SVN are both valid ways to update

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