SOLVED Bug at install with Fedora 16 and FOG 0.32

  • Hi,

    I have a bug when I try to install Fog 0.32 on the last Fedora 16.
    In attachment the picture’s (in French) bug.

    It’s an error when the package ‘php-gettext’ is checked during the installation.
    I try to install manually the package with Yum command and I obtain this message :
    ‘The source php-gettext-XXXXXXX.noarch is obsolete and replaced by php-php-gettext-XXXXXXX.noarch’

    Is it possible to modify the installation script with the good installation package ?

    Thanks for your help.


  • Since we’ve dropped official support of Fedora due to the many changes they’ve decided to make, I’m going to say this is going to be an ongoing issue. Especially since they’re planning to soon drop yum as their package manager 😧

  • Developer

    0.33 has been / will be tested further with all supported distros.

    Redhat based distros are annoying, package names change a lot and differ between each distro. WTB consistency.

  • I could not install on F16 or F17, i had to go back to F15 to install FOG… even if you get over the php-php-gettext by modifying the installation process, there are depreciated PHP functions which error out … it got in to the too hard basket so I just formatted teh computer and installed F15 with FOG 0.32.