DHCP Breaks Randomly

  • I have a FOG 1.2.0 server running on Ubuntu 14.04.3. I have been imaging for a day and a half now, and I have completed around 200 successful images. I came in this morning and was getting ready for the first batch of 36 machines. All but four PXE booted properly, so I just tossed them into another pile and started without them. The 32 that were left finished just fine like all the others. I set up the next run, and now none of the clients are getting DHCP addresses from the server. I have restarted the server (virtual) and the host. I restarted the switch, and I have not changed any settings in FOG. It has just decided to stop working. I have restarted the server several times, and for some reason I can’t always access the web interface. This server was 100% functional yesterday so I have no idea what has happened to it overnight. I have at least 2-3 more runs to complete before the day is out, so any assistance is greatly valued. I’ll be sticking around the forum to be sure and see your reply promptly.


  • SOLVED: Had to delete the /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases file. Started working again like a charm. Thanks again!

  • @arduinoAndMore You could expand the current scope… 1.2.0 only gives 254 addresses by default.

    change your dhcp configuration file to expand your scope.

    It’s really important to do this correctly - just saying. make a backup of the file as it is.

    Then when you’ve made your changes - restart dhcp

  • That would make sense. I assumed that FOG did not have very long lease periods. So if it doesn’t recycle IP’s, how do I clear the current leases?

  • Senior Developer

    To me it sounds rather simple. Your dhcp server has run out of IP’s to hand out.

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