• @Jbob @Developers

    If possible, I’d like the ability for the new client to issue the slmgr /rearm command after imaging but before domain joining.

    I was thinking it might be best to put it in FOG as a host setting and put it on the same page as the “join domain” checkbox.

    I’m running into a small issue with KMS licensing. I’m going to do some experimenting when I find the time, but I am thinking these issues can be resolved if I simply reset the CMID on the hosts.

    Specifically, here is my issue: http://blogs.technet.com/b/askcore/archive/2009/10/16/kms-host-client-count-not-increasing-due-to-duplicate-cmid-s.aspx

    But at the moment it’s a non issue because we use the Activation Helper Tool which generates a number of fake license requests to get the KMS minimum numbers up so that the KMS server starts issuing licenses to our actual clients. We are currently using MAKs for Windows activation but we are looking into using a KMS server for this as well and we are coming back to the CMID issue…

    it’s either this or sysprep… and I don’t want to sysprep and feel this feature should be easy to impliment into the new client.

    If it can’t be done, then I will play with the RunOnce registry feature to see if I can rearm clients the very first time they boot and then tell them to reboot. With the FOG Service set to delayed start, there should be ample time to rearm and reboot before the FOG client tries to domain join…

    We’ll see… but I’m hoping the @Developers will pull through for me lol.

  • Developer

    perhaps it’s time for a new version of fogprep
    one that will allow you to selectively do some of the things a sysprep would do for you, but without the parts you don’t want