• Hi guys,

    I am able to image a Dell OptiPlex 3020 workstation drive to my Fog server without issue and the compressed size on the server looks good… the image size on client is 454 GB and image size on server is 28 GB so all good there.

    When I upload an image of a Dell Latitude 3550 laptop, the image size goes up 1:1. The image size on client is 454 GB but the image size on server is actually greater at 470 GB.

    Why doesn’t the laptop image compress like the desktop one does? I’ve selected Multipartition Image - Single Disk (Not resizable) for both machines.

  • In FOG Trunk (fog 1.3.0), you just click on the image in the web console and it says it right there at the bottom.

    In 1.2.0, I think it might be somewhere in FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings

  • Yes, they’re two different images. How do I determine what my compression level is set to?

  • Senior Developer

    Are these 2 different images? If so what is the compression level at?