UNSOLVED Node Replication Issue

  • I am running a fog server on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Fog 1.2.0 installed, and everything works great. I needed to setup 4 Storage Nodes in each of our switch closets and they are also running 12.04 and Fog 1.2.0. The problem is after installing the Nodes there is no Username and Password listed once the Node install completes, both fields are blank. So then I tried to input the username and password in the .fogsettings file and rerun the installer but still not syncing anything. If i check the Log it is reporting “Mirror: Login failed: 530 Login incorrect”. All the passwords are correct under storage management and fog settings UI on the main fog server.

    I have 6 other buildings that have the same setup any they are not having this problem. I’m currently out of ideas, any help would be welcome.



  • @FlareImp In the article I linked, there are some testing commands at the top. Can you try those FROM the storage nodes that are not masters TO the master storage node ?

    We will go from there.

    If you can even log in, generally, that means that the FTP pathway between the two are clear and it’s likely a config issue somewhere.

  • @Wayne-Workman All of the other buildings where I am currently using nodes it lists the username and password of the node once it completes. Then I just copy paste the password into the Web UI for the node and everything works. Not sure why all the installs are not giving me the user and pass after install completion.

  • @FlareImp Make sure your FOGImageReplicator service is running (even try restarting it). Also, somtimes unchecking the master node, saving, then rechecking and saving fixes it.

  • @Wayne-Workman Yes I did and they all match up.

  • @FlareImp Did you run through the settings I pointed out?

  • @Wayne-Workman The mater node is the fog server and all nodes are in the same storage group that is the default fog server group.

  • Replication uses FTP. There are some credentials that (generally) should all match.

    The credentails found here: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Troubleshoot_FTP#Credentials_.2F_Passwords

    And this is for mysql: FOG Config -> FOG Settings -> FOG Storage nodes -> Mysql user and pass

    Aditionally, the nodes you want to replicate to must be in the same storage group. Each storage group can have one master node, and no more than one master node. For replication to occur, you must have one master storage node set. Whatever is in the master node is replicated to all others.

    If your master node is empty, all contents of the other nodes in the same group will be deleted. It’s a dangerous setting, be careful with it.