UNSOLVED FOG issues with automatically joining computers to the domain

  • I have a fresh install of FOG 1.2.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 and was having issues configuring automatic domain joining. I have configured Active Directory Defaults in the fog management page do my best ability, following all research I could find on the interwebs. I have attached a picture of my configuration settings.2015-08-06 11_21_20-FOG System Settings _ FOG Configuration _ FOG _ Open Source Computer Cloning Sol.png

    I’m not sure where to go from here. If anyone would please give me assistance, I will be forever in your debt. Also, if you need some logs from either the fog server or the client, I will upload what is needed!


  • You need to use FOGCrypt to encrypt your AD password.

    Install the client onto your golden machine, reboot a few times. When you see “hello fog client” in the C:\fog.log then you’re good to upload your image.

    For clients to join, the AD stuff for the hosts need populated by checking the “join domain” check-mark for the target hosts. You also need pretty much all the service settings turned on as well for those hosts.

    If you’ve already done these things, we need to see your log.

  • Testers

    Would need the host fog.log for sure