Fog saving images to /tmp/pigz1 not to our Raid /images

  • I have had to rebuild our FOG server at work, We have all the images saved on a VDI which is saved on a Raid5. Operating system is Ubuntu running VM with Ubuntu thats running Fog this is on a SSD. The VDI for images is mounted to /images and saved in the fstab to mount on boot up. I have changed the storage node to point to /images. However when taking an image of a pc it says its saving to /tmp/pigz1. In the end it fills the SSD up and we get an error about disk space is full on SSD. I can see that somehow the image has been saved onto the SSD, but not sure where, we now have a Snapshot of the VM which is 10.8GB when the Ubuntu VM VDI was only set to 10GB.

    Sorry I am quite new to VM and FOG and have taken over this role from someone else.

    Thanks in advance


  • Developer

    /tmp/pigz1 is a temporary location where data is streamed for compression/decompression. that part of your system seems to be running fine. what it sounds like, however, is that your drive is not being re-sized to fill the disk after imaging completes.
    what version of fog are you using?
    i’m assuming this is a resizable image, is that correct?

  • Inside of here:
    Storage Management -> <YourStorageNode> ->

    Check your FTP Path and your Image Path. Maybe even give us a screen shot of it.

    Also, make sure the image definition you’re having the problems with is assigned to the correct storage group. You can check that by going here:
    Image Management -> List All Images -> <TheImage> -> Storage Group

    Also, since you’re mounting this RAID5 array locally to a folder called images, you also must make sure your /etc/exports file still reflects the two necessary exports, which are /images and /images/dev