UNSOLVED Multicasting, linux multi-partition images not working

  • Hi,

    I’m using FOG v 1.2.0 on ubuntu server 14.04. I’m trying to clone a multiple partition linux client using multicast. I have two partitions on the linux client (ubuntu 12.04), an ext3 primary partition and a swap primary partition. I can clone fine using a standard deploy but multicast is giving me problems.

    It will successfully multicast the first partition, but not the swap partition. It sits there and hangs. I found a similar thread here:

    And am trying to follow the following instructions:
    unzip init.xz (the same goes for init32.xz) with xz -d init.xz
    mount the init file in a loop device with: mount -o loop init sometempdir/
    go to sometempdir/bin with cd
    edit fog.download, and search for the part that does the multicast write, for your “method” (mps or mpa)
    look for the part that does a loop on each partition, and fix it in a way that it checks for the existence of the file
    (something like if [ ! -f $imgpart ] ; then echo “Partition file missing …jumping”; sleep 1; else writeMulticastImage; fi )
    (look in the “not multicast” lines or the previous multicast method, for just linux type)
    save your file, and back to the init file dir.
    zip it with xz -C crc32 init

    I’m looking at the code and the above code is difficult to understand how to interpret. The “Partition file missing” is found 4 times in the fog.download as well as sections for mps and mpa.

    Is this the best method of fixing this? Is there another way to use multicast to clone multi-partition linux images?


  • There have been major improvements made in the area of your problem on FOG Trunk. Also, 1.2.0 has known instabilities on Ubuntu 14.04 and newer. These instabilities are also fixed in FOG Trunk.

    Here is how you would upgrade to trunk: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Upgrade_to_trunk

    If you don’t wish to use FOG Trunk, you’ll have to wait for help from someone more experienced than myself.