SOLVED Invalid Host - ID 0, has name and imageID - no MAC address

  • One of my hosts tried to register, got “invalid host” error. I cannot search specifically for that client (Search failed: Internal Server Error), but I can pull up the full list and it shows the host.

    I click on the host and it goes to a blank page with the ID=0 at the end of the URL. I exported the host list and see that it shows only the hostname (14-14924) and image id (62).

    Any ideas how to fix this? If I have to delete from the database manually, can you briefly describe how to?


    FOG 3735, Ubuntu 13.10

  • @Wolfbane8653 That worked to delete my host! Thanks

  • Developer

    You’re going to have to go into mysql database and delete the host with hostID=0.

    mysql -u root -p fog

    in mysql…

    select * from hosts where hostID=0 \G

    That will show all your hosts with a bad hostID then you will need to delete them…

    delete from hosts where hostID=0;

    FINALLY re-register the host you were having trouble with.