Built in Driver Injection?

  • hello! I’ve been away from the FOG scene for a couple years. My new job uses Altiris and it sucks bad. I see there has been some major updates to FOG, is driver injection built in now out of the box or do we still have to manually set SAD2 up? Won’t get a chance to set a server up for a couple of weeks, but hoping it’s less work now if driver injection is built in. Thanks!

  • Developer

    as Wayne said it’s not built-in oob but it’s easier to implement, you can even use postscripts which is very powerful - only restriction is your creativity 🙂


  • Fog does not specifically inject drivers.

    However, Fog now supports “snappins” that can run whatever you like. This could be scripts, MSIs, etc.

    And, if you sys-prep you image and build an unattend file to install drivers for you, that would do it too.

    I personally do not sys-prep, and maintain a 1-to-1 environment, I.E. I have an image for every model of computer in my environment - so I never have an issue with drivers, and I never need to worry about unattend files or snappins. 🙂 But that’s just me - although it’s easy to do because 12 different images only takes 200 gigs of space which is really like a drop in the bucket compared to what I have available.