SOLVED SVN 3776 issues with web page timeout?

  • I went from 3774 to 3776 so I’m not sure if 3776 or 3775 is the issue, but ever since I updated to this svn I’ve had weird issues when I get timed out on the webpage. Once I get timed out normally I refresh the page and then log back in. However now the page never properly reloads. I can hit refresh or even open a new page but it never shows the log in page. It just searches for it without changing the screen to say if it failed or not. The only way I found to fix this was to re-install the latest SVN or reboot the server. This is only temporary until the timeout happens again. Also I noticed that the apache error log is broken as there is no drop down for the report anymore. Has anybody else had this issue?

  • I don’t know what you mean timeout?

    Can you provide some screenshots?

    My other guess is the webroot issue. Maybe try rerunning the install with, after updating to latest pull please:
    ./ -y -D /var/www/html

  • Delete your browser cache, and the relevant browser history.

    You can also force a browser cache reload with Shift + F5.