SOLVED Error Reading Logical Partition.

  • Hi guys,

    I have another (yes again) problem with a computer.

    Cloning this one with “clonezilla” using partclone is working in uploading as well as downloading.

    With Fog :
    Uploading is ok.
    Downloading in mode “multi partitions single disk not resizeable - Everithing” display me : Error reading logicial partitions. List may be truncated!

    If i try to restore primary only, it’s working.
    If i try to restore logicial : it does not display error then done process without restoring anything.

    Partitioning is :
    d1p1 primary
    d1p2 extended
    d1p5 logicial

    I suppose that i have a problem with my partitions but why partclone and clonezilla are working and not fog ? What fog is doing when testing to read “logicial partition” without failing uploading it ?

  • @Jean-Jacques-Morda said:

    why partclone and clonezilla are working and not fog ?

    FOG uses partclone…

    What version of FOG are you using?

    What distribution of Linux and version?

    What is the model of the source computer?

    Is your image a manufacturer based image or one you built from nothing?