SOLVED Multicast Display Active Task stuck (SVN3710 and others).

  • SVN 3710 (but others as well) :

    In task list, when multicast download, actives tasks stuck around 70% only in the web display when downloading big images (more than 150gb), even if i log out / close my browser and whatever the browser. Tasks dissapear when finished but does not go further than around 70% for 150gb images… but multicasting is still working and all is ok at the end of the process. It’s just the active task display that is bugging. Seems to work with the old fog 1.2 but was it luck ?

  • @Tom-Elliott If i change of computer to connect to the server, it’s the same. It’s not a cache or browser problem. Display updating informations but they are stuck at a certain point. Client side seems to send always the same information but continue to upload or download.

    Others tests these days says that it do it in uploading/downloading, unicast and multicast. All tasks can freeze but continue on client. Web display is refreshing but as i said with the same informations. If i change browser or use another computer to connect tasks, same information is displaying with no progress. I think it came from client side but not sure. How are progress informations sent to tasks display ?

  • @Jean-Jacques-Morda if it were overflow from client to server you’d see other issues. Best guess I have is most likely browser cache. Chrome is fast but on of the issues I’ve seen with it is it is dumb about handling cache. If you see the progress problem and hard refresh the browser ctrl+f5 does it still present in the same way?

  • @ch3i yes but if we close the browser and/or disconnect, it’s the same. We can even change computer to connect thru the web interface, it’s stuck. Maybe it’s an “overflow” or something like that between partclone status and web interface, don’t know.

  • Moderator

    @Jean-Jacques-Morda Hi, it’s maybe the session timeout in web UI.