• OS = CentOS 7 x64
    State = Full clean install test
    FOG V 3683

    Adding a HOST manually seems to work says added but view all or search will not find host. Try adding again and it says it exists so I guess it in the DB (not got time to check)

    I was trying to test FOG mobile view. Oh… it’s listed in here so yes to DB.

  • OK, so i was right to report. It’s nice to know you when you make a difference. just saying fixed feels more like a i wasted your/my time on reporting.

  • Senior Developer

    Tom means that this problem is now fixed in 3685. Update your svn copy and upgrade the server.

  • correct.

    I’m a little lost. I download my SVN from https://svn.code.sf.net/p/freeghost/code/trunk

    i thought this was the latest and greatest. At the time of testing i downloaded the latest i could (thought) and thats the version i reported in to give you the best report on the latest version. It there is another link that provides an even newer version, please let me know. Don’t want to raise bugs if already addressed. Or due to this post is it now fixed in 3685 ?

  • 3685 fixes this.

    Your host was registered properly, but search/list was not working as expected.