SOLVED Starting FOG Multicast Management Server ... Failed!

  • When trying to start the service manually I get

    PHP Warning:  filesize(): stat failed for /opt/fog/log/m
    ulticast.log in /var/www/fog/lib/fog/FOGCore.class.php on line 347

    This is on a fresh debian-8.0.0-amd64 install.

  • @Deastrom Ah.

    If this is a 1:1 host to image environment for the DSR you were talking about… I don’t know why you’d even need the fog client… unless you want it to deploy EXEs or MSIs or printers or such… or schedule reboots, shutdowns, etc. But a DSR’s purpose is not to deploy MSIs or shutdown computers, you know?

    I say test this tomorrow, fully - with at least one computer. I wouldn’t risk downloading to the same computer, but perhaps to a same (or similar) model that you have as a spare.

    If this doesn’t work, don’t fear, we have FOG Trunk that does work on Debian 8.

  • @Wayne-Workman Now you have me worried… I installed debian 8 because ubuntu server kept want to hang mysql on my production server. So I went for debian because it has been said over and over that it’s more dependable, especially with FOG. I haven’t tested uploading or whether it works with FogClient yet. I’ve only testing PXE and Reporting (the services problem was indicated by no reporting). I’ll be sure to continue testing, what issues should I be on the look out for. (this is for my FOG as DRS implementation that i’ve been working on)

  • @Deastrom said:

    FOG version 1.2.0

    How in the world did you install 1.2.0 on Debian 8 is what I’m curious about… I believe that official Debian 8 support wasn’t implemented until just a month or so ago in FOG Trunk… @ch3i also hit on this point as well.

    However, if you’ve got it working with that script, kudos to you man. I’m sure lots of people will read this thread about this very issue until the next stable release is let off the leash.

  • Moderator

    @Deastrom said:

    FOG version 1.2.0

    There are some modifications for Debian 8 in SVN version, like services starting.

  • Ended up having to make a script that read as;

    /opt/fog/service/FOGImageReplicator/FOGImageReplicator &
    /opt/fog/service/FOGMulticastManager/FOGMulticastManager &
    /opt/fog/service/FOGTaskScheduler/FOGTaskScheduler &

    Then creating running crontab -e as root and creating the following

    @reboot sleep 120 && /script/

    I don’t know why, but if I try services FOGScheduler restart inside of crontab -e it just says that the service is not found.

  • It only seems to behave this way when the program first tries to run. It doesn’t matter which service I try to start first, this error comes up. When I ctrl+c out and rerun the command, it does fine. So I initialized them manually using ‘&’ to throw them in the back ground. They are logging correctly when I do this. What can I do to get this fixed? This is a new production server and I’d rather not have to do a work around.

  • Line 347 in FOGCore.class.php reads

    if (filesize($path) > LOGMAXSIZE) unlink($path);

  • FOG version 1.2.0

  • @Deastrom What version (or revision) of FOG?