SOLVED Host without image assigned - quick image does not work.

  • r3604

    I have this laptop in my office I was going to update the image for.

    I started a “quick image” from the network boot menu, and chose the image I want on the laptop.

    Very shortly after it is “Starting Network”, it fails saying it will reboot in 1 (or 2?) minutes.

    The error is: “Failed to detect operating system type!”

    However, after I went in to the web console I noticed that this particular host had no image assigned to it (which shouldn’t matter in quick image if I’m specifying the image) and I assigned the correct image and choose “download now” from the web console, it images just fine.

  • @nengelhardt That’s a good test, I’ll try it tomorrow.

    However Tom has said he’s done a little work on this already and asked me to move to the latest revision… I’ll do a quick test just to see, and then likely jump to the latest.

  • Can you assign the host an image, try to quick image (not selecting it in quick image)? This should tell whether it’s an issue with all of quick image or just if you select it with quick image.