SOLVED Promote Node to master

  • Fog 1.2.
    1 Master on old version of Fedora
    1 Node on Ubuntu
    Want to promote Node to master in order to power off the OLD master.

    What steps are needed to change a Node to a Master before powering off the Master.

  • @Roger-Saffle Make sure you use the same IP as the old main, and same name.

  • We are just going to go ahead and do a rebuild and do a import of config and database and hope for the best.

  • Actually yes we do know each other. In fact is the same server. While he was looking at the failed upgrade, I thought I would ask about promoting a perfectly fine working node which is on newer hardware and software to the master. I thought it might be easier to get the node working as a master and buying brand new hardwar to replace the old master server and not have to copy the images somewhere to blow away the OS and rebuild. However it looks like that my not be the case. It just seems a shame not to use a machine that already has new hardware and fog on it already.

  • Fedora 12 and Ubuntu 14, right?

    I feel like you and @Scott-B know each other?

    It’s likely possible to upgrade 1.2.0 from node to full server. There will be issues, but Ubuntu 14 shouldn’t be too much trouble.

    The path, generally, would be to delete the existing settings file from the previous node installation, then just run the 1.2.0 installer and choose normal installation. You’d also have to update option 066 (the next-server) on whatever is running DHCP. If you want to maintain control of your FOG Client service running in your environment, you’d leave DHCP alone and go through the task of changing the storage node’s IP address to the old FOG server’s. Once the web UI is running, you’d then have to correct all of the storage node stuff from the old DB. You would also need to correct the image definitions for every image - which would probably mean deleting (not the image, the definition) and then recreating every one. The image paths are case sensitive and the OS and image type and paths must exactly match what the image actually is.

    However, moving to something like Fedora 21 or 22 and migrating the DB and images isn’t too tough, and I’d be willing to help out with this should you need it. And, if you’re going to go through the trouble of what’s said above… it might be easier to just rebuild and migrate.