SVN 3586 - PXE NoMenu

  • SVN = 3586
    OS = CentOS 7 x64

    I’m sure i’ve tested this a lot but NoMenu options for PXE in both config locations don’t seem to work.

  • @ITCC lol I never even looked at that area before… I always just used the iPXE Boot Menu. Anyways…

    Is it a normal menu, or does it say “Host not registered” ?

  • i was just testing the iPXE menu at this time.

    Location 1 = FOG Configuration -> iPXE Boot Menu ->
    Location 2 = FOG Configuration -> Fog Settings -> FOG Boot Settings ->

    Yes i have played with them all.

  • “both” config locations?

    Normally, to turn menus on or disable them, it’s here:
    FOG Configuration -> iPXE Boot Menu -> No menu / Hide Menu / all that stuff in there…

    Just confirming you’ve messed around with these options (and clarification for future readers).

    So… does imaging work? What boot file are you using? What model of PC is the target host? Does this affect all hosts?