UNSOLVED Host PC stuck in full wipe mode upon startup

  • I have a computer that keeps launching into the full wipe mode upon boot up even though I’ve removed it from the wipe group and the host list. Currently it’s not registered with the Fog server at all. I can’t re-register the host from the PC because it never goes into the host registration page, I was able to re-register it from the Fog server web interface but that didn’t fix the problem. At this point I’ve registered and deleted the host several times, I’ve also added & deleted it to the wipe group while booting up the PC each time to sync it up the Fog server. I searched the Fog server by both MAC address & host name thinking it might be stuck in a scheduled task or something, but it’s not. If anyone has run into this issue or has any advice I’d be greatly appreciated.

  • Chat me up.

    Maybe give me a teamviewer. I’m thinking the task is just “stuck”.

    TaskID=1 is download tasks.

    TaskID IN(18,19,20) are wipe tasks, for what its worth.

  • @Jammers Just some advice… if you would have just rebuilt your FOG server (totally) and imported JUST your hosts and images, you would have had this computer imaged a week ago.

    Of course we want to try to help solve the issue - but sometimes the seemingly “hard” way turns out to be the easy way.

  • @cml I was able to find & delete an entry in the tables, but unfortunately that didn’t fix the problem and the host PC still launches into the wipe program. Thanks for taking the time to offer your assistance. At this point I’ve put too much time into trying to pull an image with Fog, especially since this is just one specialized computer I built. It would be nice to have an image to fall back on if something happens in the future, but I’m going to give it one last shot going old school & try to use Ghost to pull an image.

  • Moderator

    Could you try this in mysql?

    SELECT taskID,taskName FROM tasks WHERE taskStateID=1;

  • Yes that’s fine, what would you like to know?

  • @cml do you mind if I pick your brain?

  • I’m running version 1.2.0

  • Moderator

    What version of fog are you running?

    You could try checking in the MySQL table tasks.

    mysql -u root -p
    USE fog;

    That may point you in the right direction, but I will do some testing one I get back to a computer to make sure.