SOLVED Fog Client 0.8.4 - Join to domain not working

  • This is an issue discussed with Tom Elliot some days ago and some revisions ago.
    When trying to join to samba NT domain client shows an error:

    17/06/2015 13:31 HostnameChanger Checking Hostname
     17/06/2015 13:31 HostnameChanger Hostname is correct
     17/06/2015 13:31 HostnameChanger Registering host with active directory
     17/06/2015 13:31 HostnameChanger Unknown Return Code:  50
     17/06/2015 13:31 HostnameChanger Activing host with product key
     17/06/2015 13:31 HostnameChanger ERROR: Windows activation disabled

    It seems related to lpMachineAccoutOU which was null in previous releases when it was not specified and now it is blank:

    06/12/2015 07:54:25:520 NetpProvisionComputerAccount:
    06/12/2015 07:54:25:520 	lpDomain: UPC-CT
    06/12/2015 07:54:25:520 	lpMachineName: HPSB
    06/12/2015 07:54:25:520 	lpMachineAccountOU: 
    06/12/2015 07:54:25:520 	lpDcName: RADI
    06/12/2015 07:54:25:520 	lpDnsHostName: (NULL)
    06/12/2015 07:54:25:520 	lpMachinePassword: (null)
    06/12/2015 07:54:25:520 	lpAccount: UPC-CT\fog.domini
    06/12/2015 07:54:25:520 	lpPassword: (non-null)
    06/12/2015 07:54:25:520 	dwJoinOptions: 0x3
    06/12/2015 07:54:25:520 	dwOptions: 0x40000003

    I was told this would be fixed but no news at the moment.

    Thanks for your help.


  • @Jbob I’m here to make tests if you can.

  • Senior Developer

    I sent you a chat message a few days ago, can you double check if you got it?

  • Hi @Jbob . Any news?
    Remember I can do any tests if you need to.

  • Thanks @Jbob
    I take note of your advise 😃
    Tell me if you need to make some kind of test.


  • Senior Developer

    General rule of thumb: post issues on the forum. Only telling a developer tends to make the issue get lost. I seem to remember Tom mentioning something about this to me awhile ago, but once again, I was never directly told nor shown logs so I forgot about it.

    I’ll take a look at Samba NT domains (I may need your help for pre-release testing though).