UNSOLVED Storage Node replication question

  • We are a K-12 school district with a main FOG server, and 4 storage nodes in our elementary schools. We create and updated our images directly on the main FOG server. I have each of the nodes in their own storage group, since they do not have enough storage to replicate all of the images from the main server to the node. We only need images specific to each school on each node.

    Is there a way to tell FOG to replicate specific images to specific nodes?

    FOG 1.2.0 svn 3511
    Ubuntu 12.04


  • Moderator

    @sbps As said @Wayne-Workman the solution is to used “Location Plugin” with differents “storage group” (one group per location) and use another tools to sync images between storages, because (I think) the replication is between nodes in a same group.

  • I believe what you’re looking for is the “Location Plugin”.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to mess with it myself (yet), but I’m told it’s very flexible in it’s configuration. It uses FTP to sync images, and you can configure what images go where, etc. You can also set throughput throttles for replication so that FOG doesn’t take everything your WAN has available when syncing.