• I think it’s proper and fitting and about time to supply links to the forums and wiki and portal and news and other things inside of the FOG UI.

    Why not!?!

    My idea is to create a “FOG Project” section/icon/tab/thingy that can fit right in to the Host Management, Image Management, Storage Management, etc tabs ?? It’d be just another tab.

    And perhaps within that menu, below the links to the Forums, WiKi, and Portal, there could be news items populated there from https://news.fogproject.org/ ???

    I know the news feed thing is… a lot to ask for… but perhaps this can be started by simply making a new “FOG Project” tab, and just supply links to the various things right in there?

    This is the way to go for expanding the user base in the forums, finding new people to volunteer time and talent, and expanding the FOG community in general, and helping new users with where to go for documentation and help.

    idk about you but it irks me that people go to SpiceWorks and Yahoo answers for help with FOG… instead of going to FOGProject.org for help…