VMware vSphere - IDE HDD, Image Store

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    I’m receiving an error when attempting to upload a new image from a computer workstation. It states ‘unable to locate the image store’. I’ve read online that FOG Server only supports IDE HDD’s.

    My FOG Server is utilising the Ubuntu 14.04.2 Server x86 platform. My FOG Server is version 1.2.0. My FOG Server resides within a VMware vSphere 5.5 Hypervisor. I noticed from my research a lot of users were using VMware Workstation; which handles HDD’s differently. But I did find threads from this forum discussing successful integrations of FOG Server with VMware vSphere.

    Regardless if you specify the HDD controller to be an IDE drive, the underlining HDD controller is SCSI. Either being BusLogic Parallel, LSI Logic Parallel, & so on; I’m using the default being LSI Logic SAS. Within the advance options of the HDD I’m using IDE (0:0).

    So I’m interested how some of the users here were able to successfully create a VM within vSphere that allowed FOG Server to recognise the image store. Alternatively are these users using an image stores not residing on a VM, for example a Windows Server hosting a NFS data store?

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • @no1bossman

    That’s quite the old article, last updated in 2012 (things move fast around here).

    Where it talks about IDE, it’s referring to hosts. Hosts being what you would build your image on, and upload from.

    Some people really like building their images inside of a virtualized environment… I don’t get it, really. You can’t see how the image is performing on the actual hardware that it’s going on… You can’t ensure the boot time and log-in time are acceptable. You can’t ensure your drivers WILL work when you NEED to image. And de-fragmenting within a virtual host is questionable… And what about the FOG Client Service timing? That’s a big issue with the legacy client…

    Maintaining an image per each model of computer you maintain is the absolute best way to ensure a flawless deployment - without bloating your image with a ton of software and drivers that it doesn’t need…

    Personally, I’ll never create images on a virtual host if I can help it.

  • Very quick responses, thank you.

    I’m new to the FOG Project. So I was relying on material online in regards to compatibility.

    OK, I’ll create a new SCSI HDD VM & see if I’m able to write to the image store.


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    Just to back what Wayne was saying, my development servers live in a VMware vSphere cluster. I can guarantee you I am not using IDE HDDs.

  • FOG only supports IDE HDDs ?? How old was that page? lol

    Fog is simply a LAMP build with a few extra components, like NFS, TFTP, and FTP along with a few others. Hardware support on the FOG server is the operating system’s responsibility.

    The only hardware-specific issues I’m aware of is running multicast from a NAS configured as a storage node… Others have reported that it doesn’t work, but unicast works fine in this configuration.

    Maybe try CentOS ? It has great hardware support out-of-the-box. Fedora Server 21 and 22 don’t detect or use my crappy RAID cards at home… CentOS 7 had zero issues with using them. That’s just one example, and I really like Fedora 😛

    I don’t have experience with FOG on VMware yet, will next month though. However there are lots of people here who run FOG in VMware.

    I currently run FOG inside Hyper-V at work (using SAS12 drives in RAID1) and all features work fine, and I have uni-cast deployment times for a 39GB image in around 4ish minutes… At home, I run FOG on an old Optiplex 380 with a SATA 2 drive in it and Fedora 22 loaded, and if I wanted, I could run it on top of CentOS and use a RAID card as well.

    Hopefully I’ve given you some good info, albeit long winded. Maybe you’ll know the next questions to ask now?