SOLVED Partial image uploaded to fog

  • Hello All!

    I have recently completed a fresh install/configuration of Fog 1.2 on Ubuntu 14.04. When I go to upload an image from a computer to fog, I notice that the Data Block Process is signifagntly faster than Total Block (see picture). Once Data Block Process reaches 100%, even if Total Block Process isn’t at 100%, it reboots.

    After the image was ‘uploaded’, on Fog Management (see other picture), when I look at image size it detects on the size on the client, but partially uploads it to the server itself.

    When I go to deploy this image to another client, it appears to image normally, but after the reboot it boots to a blank screen with a blinking cursor. This is probably due to the partial image uploaded.

    I am puzzled on what could be causing this issue. Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks and have a great day!


  • Update:

    The single disk resizable seems to be working. I have successfully imaged two computers of various disk sizes and it works.

    I guess from my knowledge (issues and experience) with Fog .32, I never used single disk because whomever was before me used multiple partition image. It is also good to know that the image is compressed when sent up to the server. I probably read it somewhere but glazed over it.

    I think if I have any problems here on out I will update.

    Thanks @Wayne-Workman and @Tom for your assistance, it is much appreciated 🙂 👍

  • Wayne, I will start the image tonight and check it in the morning (seeing that it takes an hour + to upload), try to deploy it, and update the post with what I find.

  • @My-Sanity Sorry, I meant single disk - resizeable.

    The only one that is resizeable lol.

  • Update on this.

    @Wayne-Workman, the image is MBR. I don’t have an option for Multiple Partition - Single disk -resizeable.


    And the machine(s) is/are custom build desktop machine(s) (Intel/Asus board). (Note: this was before my time when they got the machines).

  • @My-Sanity said:

    When I go to deploy this image to another client, it appears to image normally, but after the reboot it boots to a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

  • I’m confused. What is the problem? Does the image work? File size on server should be less than what the file size for the client should be because we compress the image as it is being uploaded. Partclone only copies used blocks, not free blocks too. This is why the data block size is typically ahead of the total size. They are two completely separate things. Total block means all the blocks of the disk, data blocks is only the used blocks. So on a typical system with an 80 gb hdd and only the windows operating system installed, you may have used about 12-18 gb of the full value of the hard drive. This just a simple example to give understanding. So when you upload the image the total block size is representative of the whole disk of 80gb. While the data block size is only representative of the 12-18 GB of actually used data. Even in resizable this is shown as the volume is shrunk to just larger of the used block size.

  • Did you try Multiple Partition - single disk - resizeable yet?

    What model of machine is this happening on, or is it happening on all machines?

    Is the image MBR or GPT ?

  • @Wayne-Workman I hear you on this load and clear. And you are totally fine, no offense taken. I work with helping people with computers at a bank (that are not the most tech savvy users), so I can relate to you and most of us normal users in Fog 🙂

    If we can’t find a fix for this, its fine. I don’t want to take up a lot of folks time on here, because we can always just start from scratch again if needed. We had some major issues with our past installation (including me managing to change a few things in a few places I wasn’t supposed to…opps lol)

  • Then it’s something else… I’ll re-read through this when I get home.

    Thanks for clarification… I’m not trying to be mean or anything but… people who come here for help… they come in every flavor, personality, skill level, level of consciousness… lol. I have learned to not assume. 🙂

  • Sure can, check it below:


  • Can you run this on your FOG server?

    [CODE]df -h[/CODE]

    That’ll tell you what’s used / free on each mount point.

  • Drive has 889 GB available, 42.6 GB of which has been used.

  • Doesn’t matter…

    Space is assigned to mount points individually. Can you please check?

  • @Wayne-Workman Server has a 1TB drive

  • Can you make sure you have enough free space on your Fog Server for this image?

  • @My-Sanity said:

    I also read about possibly doing the “raw image” (because the size of the drive is only 80GB) might do the trick too.

    I’d strongly recommend against using RAW on a simple windows image. The only time you’d use RAW on Windows is if you have multiple OSs on one drive, or have the drive encrypted / bitlocker’d.

    We need to figure out why your image isn’t uploading completely.

  • I will give that a shot and see what happens.

    I also read about possibly doing the “raw image” (because the size of the drive is only 80GB) might do the trick too.

    Will update later today (hopefully).

  • I’ve never seen your exact issue before… Others who have been here longer might know exactly what’s causing it, so keep an eye on this thread.

    In the mean time, can you attempt to upload using "multiple partition: single disk (resizeable) ?