• So let me summarize this…My setup fog 1.2 on Ubuntu 15. Right out of the box i imaged a dell and all is peachy. Then i try to push the image to another host with a new blank hard drive and i get the error " * mounting to file system …failed" “mounting on /images failed connection timed out”
    When i try to upload a image i get a “error failed to mount nfs share” system will self destruct.

    I have done everything possible created the .mntcheck files, disabled firewalls, set permissions and owners, started over.
    set ACL to IPS to allow all from the FOG Box

    Waynes Script to trouble shoot is the txt file. dont think it will upload so i will create a link to google docs.

    when i run the nfs services command it says it is runing with some weird errors

    [trouble shoot fog.txt](uploading 100%)

  • @brycew

    FOG Trunk has now been confirmed working on Ubuntu 15.04

    Upgrade to the latest trunk, and you may need to run the installer a few times for it to get through.

  • Sweet @Tom Elliot. My first setup was centos 7, ran into too many issues as i guess mysql was rolled to Maria-db. i will give CentOS6 ago maybe Ubuntu Server 14. Probably go with FOG 1.2 for now. Kinda have the idea FOG trunk is beta.

  • Oh and 1.2.0 might be the “stable” release, but it’s probably got more bugs than the Trunk version at this point.

    1.2.0 is quite aged when you compare it to the Trunk version. You’ll also find increased performance in Trunk, and a wider range of supported hardware.

    And, everyone that hangs here has seen time and time again how fast Tom (the senior developer) can squash a bug. Most of the time though, it’s user error and not bugs.

    And if you want to do any Win8 imaging, you’ll need the Trunk version.

  • Quite honestly, the current Trunk is really stable.

    I’d say jump to Trunk. It’s a new installation, nothing to loose. The installer is fast, too.

    And you don’t have to un-do anything, just run the new installer and it’ll take care of things.

  • Ubuntu 15.04 doesn’t even install properly on Trunk versions…yet.

    Ubuntu 10.04, is too old.

    I think you’d be better off, potentially, with CentOS 6 or better, Fedora 15 or better, Redhat 6 or better, Ubuntu 14 or better.

    Ubuntu has its own quirks. 10.04 is just TOO old though.

  • @Wayne-Workman I am thinking about starting over again. Moving to Ubuntu 10.04 and FOG 1.2. Would this be a better starting ground? looking for stability and reliability. (new job second week)

  • Starting FOG Multicast Management Server…Failed!

    Your installation did not complete? You’re installation log just ends after that line… TBH I don’t know how anything is working for you…

    Additionally, NEW Ubuntu 15 support is only available in the Trunk version of FOG (the developmental version).

    To upgrade to trunk, follow these:

    I recommend the SVN method: