Bugs on svn 3495

  • Hi,

    I tried to install svn 3495 over 1.2.0 on debian 7.8.
    Install was ok, but I have few bugs

    • when I click on snapin management on web interface, nothing is display
    • on services configuration, if I tried to uncheck client updater, and then click update, option re-enables automatically
    • and more problematic, if I tried to upload image, I’ve got this message : Mounting File system Failed, unable to mount NFS.

    Everyhting was ok with 1.2.0 and everything seems ok on svn configuration…

    I reboot server and tried to re-install svn, but same problems…

    Thanks for your help

  • Thanks for your answer and all your job !
    I’ll test this tomorrow

  • Senior Developer

    Storage Management Page->Your relevant Storage Node->Management Password

  • Thanks !

    I saw new password during installation, and they appear in .fogsettings file, but I don’t know where to change them in web interface ?

  • Senior Developer


    Snapin Management page is now operating properly.

    Services Configuration Client Updater (and all default pages) work properly now.

    That last item is not a bug directly. My guess is it’s related to FTP password changing during update.

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