• For large organizations that don’t want to use the location plugin and would rather each site technician manage their own images (like back in the Ghosting days),

    A lot of times, I would ask someone for a copy of their image, or others would ask for a copy of my image.

    I can still do that with fog, but I think that a nifty tool to export/import settings for just one image would be pretty sweet and seal the deal.

    Developers, please don’t jump on this right away. I want to give it a go myself, first.

  • Senior Developer

    Here’s my 2 cents:

    Option 1.) Make a plugin. Please don’t even attempt to edit FOG gui without using a plugin. The plugin API is much simpler to use.
    Option 2.) Make a bash script. It could copy the image directory and the appropriate SQL data.

  • I give.

    Editing the PHP files was far more complex than I thought it’d be.

    However, I was wanting to base it on those checkboxes next to the images. And down by the delete button, I was wanting to stick an “Export” button.

    THIS, IMO, is just as important as the “Configuration Save” feature, because it’ll let people export their image data without other data that perhaps is buggy.

  • Alright, I won’t do a thing.