Download image stops at preparing disk (Stage 2)

  • Trying to download a windows 7 image to a Dell Optiplex 760. Tasks hangs at “Preparing hard Disks (Stage 2)” and “Checking wirte caching status on HDD” was “Unknown status”. There is no activity with the hard drive at all. Updated kernel to 2.6.28 with FOG version 0.32.

    Funny thing is…it works fine on the Optiplex 780.

  • It’s also best practice to defrag and perform a chkdsk before uploading your images if you aren’t already.

  • As Brycez mentioned turn the sata controller off of ACHI and set it to legacy or SATA

  • Sounds like you might have a dying hard drive. I’d suggest swapping in a known working hard drive and trying to push the image again. Another thing to check would be your BIOS settings; what sata mode is set?

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