Upgrading svn 2961 to 3125

  • I do not know if this problem still exists in the latest svn, but when upgrading my svn 2961 servers to 3125, when the 3125 installer is run for the first time:

    svn co -r 3125 https://svn.code.sf.net/p/freeghost/code/trunk /opt/trunk
    cd /opt/trunk/bin

    … when I enter y or Y at “Are you sure you wish to continue (Y/N)”, it always fails out the first time with “Sorry, answer not recognized.”

    Running the same installer a second time, it accepts y or Y without issue.

  • Heh! You’re going to love this.

    Twelve servers later, I check my source document.

    I copy and paste my commands into the CLI … I had accidentally highlighted the CR+LF after the last command. So it’s piped into the CLI to appear, invisibly mind you, after the prompt. But it doesn’t actually enter itself at that prompt. So that when I enter “y” then <enter>, it has actually received CR+LF Y <enter> and fails out.


  • Strange…

    I don’t think it’s the installer though…

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