SVN Build 3333 Quick Registration not work VMware Virtual Host

  • Quick Registration not work on VMware Virtual Host (Windows 7) invalid mac address

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    If you’ve been following FOG for a little bit of time, you all may remember a week or so ago where we had the “random” mac deletions occurring?

    Well, last night, or two nights ago (i don’t remember which exactly) i found the culprit and corrected it.

    What this means:

    FOG is actually working as intended. You’re missing the MAC that once existed because the hostMAC field for that host either one or both are set at id of 0 (which is invalid).

    I don’t have a nice means to fix this, so if you’ve got phpmyadmin or are knowledgeable about database entries you can correct it on the fly.

    The simplest method I can think if, for now, would be to delete the host (or hosts as the case may be) that’s causing a problem and attempt re-registering them.

  • The same for me.

    I am not on a vm. (Debian weezy) Fog 3333.

    I try a to upload an Image but when i boot the pc in pxe the menu load with Host not registred but the host he’s already registred.

    I do a full registration with a new name and at the end I have the message invalid mac address

    In Fog I see the Host with no mac adress.

    I don’t know how to enable Kernel Debug and put console level to 7

  • Fog Boot Settings/FOG_KERNEL_DEBUG

    Where is kernel debug log files ?


  • Senior Developer

    What NIC?

    If you’re on 3333 can you enable Kernel Debug and put console level to 7?

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