Is it possible to extend fog storage to an internet based cloud

  • Ok call me crazy but we have a cloud server where we have unlimited space for our server backups etc…our fog server is just a desktop PC for imaging the occasional computer…there is no room left in it for Hard Drives and we are almost out of space because we are upgrading to Windows 8.1 and we dont like deleting images off the server (Just in case) is it possible we can add the cloud server we have as a storage node…the cloud server is not on our network its hosted for us…and we have ftp access

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    If you don’t mind my asking, which cloud service is this? Some behave quite differently than others.

  • [quote=“Wayne Workman, post: 45752, member: 28155”]IMHO, just add a hard drive to FOG. Use the cloud backup as a backup…[/quote]

    …works fine, as long as it’s not your only backup.

  • IMHO, just add a hard drive to FOG. Use the cloud backup as a backup…

  • I don’t know what the tutorial would be.

    Theres a couple of things you need to figure out.

    Does your cloud service allow you to mount the volume they’re giving you to your linux server?

    Will they allow you to upload/download images to/from they’re space?

    How much of a bandwidth hit is your organization willing to withstand?

  • Ok, im really not farmilliar with Ubuntu Server other than installing fog and using it xD mind pointing me to a tutorial?

  • I think you’d have better luck making a mount that points to the cloud server’s filesystem.