• This may be my first post since delving into fog 😄 and gotta say FOG has been awesome for us we didn’t want to fool around with ghost drivers and other annoyances; fog has been a blessing. I would like to expand our imaging capabilities to some of my branch offices though I found the documentation [url]http://fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Multiple_TFTP_servers[/url] and wanted to know if anyone has multiple sites with multiple nodes and what their experiences are. How fast do images sync, any bandwidth issues, etc.

    Thanks guys!

  • Developer

    @Alex-Grier we have multiple sites across the UK utilizing the Multiple TFTP servers, Location Plugin (where you can also specify that the node is TFTP if you do not want to use multiple tftp servers) and imaging is as quick on remote sites as it is local (since Junkhackers speed increases - 1GB LAN 14.68gb/min averaging out at 8.58gb/min!!) and images sync pretty quick thanks to Tom’s awesome addition to the replication allowing multiple streams and you can also control the bandwidth by adding bandwidth limits.

  • Although I’ve not used the Location Plugin yet, I hear it’s pretty awesome.

    I am eventually going to write some detailed info on it for the WiKi… just not there yet… I’ve been Fogging since February and things are good SO FAR!

    Ironing out some issues with UEFI at the moment…