Firefox/cache issue

  • I just upgraded from 0.33 (or 0.32, I forgot) to 1.2.0.

    I experienced odd issues with Firefox: from Host Management if I tried to search on a computer, I got an error.
    If I clicked all hosts and then a host, I saw the details of the host correctly… great.
    However in that individual host XYZ screen if I then clicked ‘Basic Tasks’ (to deploy something) nothing happened… the browser scrolled down a bit but that’s it… no screen change… no Download/Upload things to click.
    When I tried Internet explorer it had no such issues.

    Turned out that after I clear the browser cache, it all works (again) :).

    Now why would that be needed? Are there files shipped in fog 1.2.0 that are older than what I had in 0.32/0.33? And thus the “newer” but actually “older” file is still cached? Or something similar / else?
    There must, after all, be some reason for it to hold the cache incorrectly… caching isn’t that dumb.
    (Firefox 36, and I did restart several times - for other reasons - so it’s not session related)

    I suggest to find the cause and fix it in some way. Not for me… I’m fine now, but for those others that upgrade.

    Just a suggestion :)

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    This isn’t something that I can fix. This is specific to your browser (notice the keyword of your) in this sentence. Your local system has stored a “cache” of what it expects to find for the page. If you clear cache this fixes it, or if you tell the page to do a “hard refresh” it should fix the issue as well. My installation scripts have no way of knowing what items your browser has cached on it.

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