Storage Node health check

  • How hard would it be to implement some basic test writes & test reads to the storage node’s image location?

    Basically, write a dummy file of 1GB (or a specified size), time how long it takes. Read the file back, time how long it takes, then delete the file, and time that too. Then show those statistics in the web GUI.

  • Developer

    As this would cause extra load on the system I wonder if it’d be wiser to try and gather bandwidth data from the transfers that occour while uploads and downloads happen anyway…

  • I might try to take a crack at this…

    I’ll be setting up a FOG server at home to play with, soon.

  • Also, (and this is sort of related) how hard would it be for the new client and the web-GUI (and perhaps a locally running service) to perform a bandwidth throughput test? and then show statistics about that?