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    I’m use FOG 1.1.2 on Debian 7 and i’m trying to add a NAS (an other Debian 7). All on virtualbox.
    All it’s ok when i upload the image on my server fog. But i want to put directly my image on a NAS, so i add it.

    On NAS: run ./installfog and i choose S, etc… until the end of the installation (id: fog and password: xxxxxx)

    When i go on my server FOG, i add the NAS on “Storage Management”, ok. And when i see the “Disk Information” for the NAS, i have “[B][U]Failed to connect to[/U][/B]”
    and when i doucle click, i see the information:

    I see the information about the NAS…

    What is the problem ?
    Thank 🙂

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  • YES !

    So, i have “failed to connect to” because the NAS can’t be connect the FOG server’s mysql.

    [U]I explain my work[/U]:

    [U]I do on my NAS[/U]:
    [B]mysql -h (IP_FOG) -u root -proot fog[/B]

    [B]Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (111)[/B]

    Hum. So, maybe i use a bad user for a remote connection. I see the user on mysql server, on the database “mysql”.

    [U]On my server FOG[/U]:


    Yes. So, i decide to use “fogstorage” because with him, i can use all the host of my network.

    [U]I do on my NAS[/U]:
    [B]mysql -h -u fogstorage -p[/B]

    [B]Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (111)[/B]

    Sh*t, doesn’t work !

    I look on my server fog if 3306 is open with [B]netstat -nat[/B] and yes, it’is open.

    I look the file /etc/mysql/my.cnf and for the line “[B]bind-address” [/B]i have:[B][/B]. I change for IP_FOG (, i restart the service.

    [U]I do on my NAS[/U]:
    [B]mysql -h -u fogstorage -p[/B]


    YOuhouuuu !!! 🙂

    I look the fog’s management:

    It works ! 🙂

    Thank for your help wolbanne8653 !

    Sorry for my bad english, I tried to explain precisely what I did, if others have the same problem, they can solve it now.

  • Thank for your answer, I will do all the test this week

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    [U][U][COLOR=#ff0000]NAS devices are not all compatible with the dashboard disk info.[/COLOR][/U][/U]

    Some basic components for this to POSSIBLY work correctly are ssh, ftp, nfs and mysql on the NAS. ftp is work correctly since you are getting the info you posted above. IF you have ssh enabled on the NAS you can then test nfs and mysql.

    *Test mysql
    From the NAS can you connect to the FOG server’s mysql database?
    [CODE]#mysql -h <ipoffogserver> -u root <-p password> fog[/CODE]

    *Test nfs
    Check if nfs is working on localhost
    [CODE]# rpcinfo -u localhost nfs
    program 100003 version 2 ready and waiting
    program 100003 version 3 ready and waiting

    ps -ef | grep nfsd

    root 232 1 0 Apr 07 ? 0:01 /usr/lib/nfs/nfsd -a 16
    root 3127 2462 1 09:32:57 pts/3 0:00 grep nfsd[/CODE]

    *Set up NAS as storage node in webgui.
    Which I see you have already done.

    After all this you MAY get the info to display on the dashboard.