• I am very new to FOG having just setup a server to test out a week ago. My question is related to storing images at different sites to avoid imaging across our WAN links? I have samba file servers running at each location and was hoping it would be possible to use those to store images on site. I thought of mounting a share from each location under the images folder but wasn’t sure if that would still cause the images to cross the WAN given how FOG uses FTP to upload the images? I’d like to avoid running a FOG server at each location if possible, the samba servers are running FreeBSD which I’m not sure would run FOG so I would have to install an additional server at each location to run FOG. Any suggestions as to how I could set this up would be greatly appreciated.

  • Is it possible to do this without installing FOG as a storage node on the remote servers? I was hoping to set this up using the Samba shares already in place if possible. I could setup NFS shares as well if that would work. The servers at each location are running FreeBSD so installing FOG on them is not really an option.

  • Thanks for the replies, I will give this a whirl!

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    This is the one thing that is lacking for the Location Plugin - although, the concept is very simple and i think the reason a lot of people find it difficult is they over think the process + it’s a lot easier to understand in a “real life” setup. it must be simple - i created it! lol

    basics to understand Create Location -> Assign storage node to that location -> Assign host to that same location = Host Download image from that storage node determined by location…

    although it’s a lot more versatile than that now and even better with Tom’s additions and rewrite to add it as the now known plugin! Location Patch got Tom’d 🙂

  • [url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=FOGUserGuide#Location_Plugin[/url]

    You can set up the location plugin, as Junkhacker said.

    Basically, you set it up to control storage nodes that reside within each broadcast domain in your entire network. It’s a several step process to add the location plugin, and it’s done through the FOG web GUI. I don’t know about setting up the storage nodes, but I do believe there’s an option specifically for this during FOG’s installation.

    I’m currently in the process of better documenting this plugin because, contrary to popular belief among regular FOG users, I find it not simple. I hope to produce some excellent documentation within a few weeks to be listed within the WiKi.

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