Download Task Works but Doesn't Image the PC

  • Just re-installed Fog 1.2.0. on Ubuntu 12. When I create a Download task it looks as if it’s going fine but then it finishes in about 10 seconds. Upon rebooting the PC, (HP 6200) the same image is still there. Is this a Storage Node issue? Usernames and Passwords are all the same in SQL and FOG. THANKS!!

  • I saw a “4237 aborted” … This message came up maybe 4 times, #### Aborted, #### Aborted
    The last thing I read was “Image Completed”. No errors came up after this .

  • It’s fine now. I copied over an existing FOG image to /images and tried that which errored out. I uploaded a new image, copied the old image contents into the new image folder and now it’s good.

  • Developer

    we need more details about what exactly is going wrong. what errors come up on the client when it fails? (this may go really fast and be hard to catch)

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