PXE with severals vlans

  • Hi,
    I’m just upgrading my fogserver into 1.2.0 version (0.32 before) (ubuntu 14.04.2)
    Update was fine.

    But PXE’s functions have changed.
    I have errors with my tftp server. (file not found)
    I remplaced pxelinux.0 by undionly.kpxe (in my isc-dhcp-server) and it’s ok

    But I have severals networks (Privates and publics (4 networks)) which use tftp server
    Now I can use only tftpboot on my primary network (fogserver’s network 172.x.x.x)
    If i try to boot from another network -> error (after the default.ipxe file , I have http://172.x.x.x(ip adress of fogserver)/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php but after he’s stopped

    Anybody has a solution ?

  • So
    I reinstalled a new machine with a clean install of fog (same OS)
    If i use chain command like this:
    chain http://<network IP 1>/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params||chain http://<network IP 2>/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params
    http://<network IP 2>/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params in my browser , I have :
    cpuid --ext 29 && set arch x86_64 || set arch i386
    colour --rgb 0xff6600 2
    cpair --foreground 7 --background 2 2
    console --picture http://<network IP 1>/fog/service/ipxe/bg.png --left 100 --right 80
    colour --rgb 0xff0000 0
    cpair --foreground 0 3

    That can never work

    I think the best way is open ACL (access control list) between all my network

  • Developer

    on the line before the ```
    chain http://<network 1 IP>/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params

    chain http://<network 1 IP>/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params

    let me know what is shown on screen

  • regardless of the default.ipxe 's configuration file , pxe boots on the primary IP network ( fog’s webinterface )
    chain commands have any effect
    I tested with only IP network (other Ip adress ) without success

  • Developer

    on the systems that fail to work properly, can you tell if they’re trying to go to the boot.php locations or if they don’t get that far?

  • Hi,
    My server is a Ubuntu desktop 14.04.2 LTS x64

  • Moderator

    This post is deleted!

  • I tested your solution any success
    Computer doesn’t boot on the 4 network. Only the primary "network IP"
    My dhcp-server’s filename is undionly.kpxe


  • http://192.168.x.x/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params )
    else continue at the next IP adress…
    Begin again for the 4 networks.

    What do you think about it?

  • Developer

    in your /tftpboot/default.ipxe file, edit the last lines as such

    # normal fog server
    chain http://<network 1 IP>/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params||chain http://<network 2 IP>/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params||chain http://<network 3 IP>/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params||chain http://<network 4 IP>/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params

    this will cause ipxe to attempt the next ip address for the fog server as each fails. it’s probably not the cleanest way to do it, but it should get you going

  • Another information . My fogserver has 4 IP adress ( one for each network )

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