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  • Hi all!! :)

    I hope you are very well, devoloping, testing, working with the FOG solution ;) And getting crazy, too :D

    For me, I am using this software for my final project of Computer Science Career (my job consists that I must able to get a FOG solution installed and working in my network). For now, I have only a simply question. The related data are below these lines. Then, I will make the question.


    When I shutdown the server and start again, no DNS servers are configured (besides the configuration of Network Manager in Ubuntu). If I modify theone, and no solution for the moment.
    Also, I have tried many solutions on the web like this or this and does not work, too.

    Any kind of help will be very useful. Thanks in advance,

    Toni Capablo.

  • Thank you very much Jaymes.

    Finally, I deciced to install FOG as DHCP server, modifying the Ubuntu server for routing interfaces and now I think it is working well.

  • Developer


    You need to edit /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head and add your namservers to this file.

    resolv.conf is generated, it uses the head and base files to generate. If you include your nameservers in the head or base files you stand a greater chance of the changes staying after a reboot.

    You may also want to edit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf
    and remove the line

    save and restart your network and resolvconf service

    sudo service resolvconf restart
    sudo network-manager restart

    Now your settings should stick after a reboot, and you should be able to navigate.

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