• Has anyone tried moving the storage location of their images to a NAS Drive?

    (ie: instead of “/images/”, having something like “/images/nas” where nas is a mounted directory or even mounting images directory to the nas drive.)

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    Thanks for pointing this out! I totally forgot that linux’s ‘mv’ command does not move hidden files. So either you move that file seperately (mv /images/.mntcheck /nas) or you just create it as Joseph suggested.
    Concerning access rights ‘mv’ should not alter them. If they were 777 before they should be 777 after moving too! But it doesn’t hure either!

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    I am one of those people, the process you described is exactly what I meant and was what I used to mount a raid array on the same server to /images. After mount don’t forget to [FONT=monospace][COLOR=#000000]sudo touch /images/.mntcheck and [/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=monospace][COLOR=#000000]sudo chmod 777 -R /images I believe these would also avoid any issues with permissions ect. correct me if I wrong. [/COLOR][/FONT]

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    Right it has been done! But we also see quite some people (little linux experienced) having a lot of trouble to move the location and get it all running (NFS and such).
    If you’re unsure I suppose you’re better of NOT changing the path but better mount your NAS to /images. Would be something like this (please think twice before copy paste the commands!! I won’t be liable if anything goes wrong here):
    [CODE]sudo mkdir /nas
    sudo mount … <nas-share> /nas
    sudo move /images/* /nas
    sudo umount /nas
    sudo rmdir /nas
    sudo mount … <nas-share> /images[/CODE]

    Try if FOG is happy with this. If everything is fine you should add this NAS-share to your fstab.

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    Yes its been done there should be a thread in the forums basically if it’s a mount point on your server you just set the permissions and mountcheck it.