Init.xz error while booting up for image upload

  • Hi there,

    i am trying to Image a VMware virtual machine via FOG 1.2 SVN 3082 and I get this strange error attached to this post. I am running VMware Workstation 11 and the FOG Host is a ubuntu Server 13.10

    Could you please look after this error and give me a hint… thanks!


  • Developer

    in my experience, this happens when i set up a VM as a “windows 8” computer, but not when i set it up as a “windows 7” computer in the new VM wizard. there are no settings i can find after VM creation that make it usable, but you can always install windows 8 on a “windows 7” VM

  • Developer

    I think we will fix it since it directly affects 2 devs. Even if it didn’t we would still try o fix it. We are still tossing around some changes in the kernels to correct this but seems to effect vmware and virtual box.

  • Puh,
    regarding your first answer, I’m afraid I can’t test it on real hardware at the moment due to the Weekend.

    Do you think you can solve the problem regarding vmware?
    Before i switched to the higher svn versions the imaging still worked in Version 1.2.0 without the svn features installed.


  • Developer

    OK so I’m hitting a few things back and forth with Tom and jbob. Seems to be an issue with VMware’s Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64 versions. You will find if you change the version to Windows 7 (32bit) the menu items work correctly.

    Something isn’t working between the versions and the kernel/init files.

    UPDATE: We are suspecting VMware to be the issue.

  • Developer

    At this point in time FOG is not friendly with the VMware Hosts. We are currently working with this issue. Are you getting these errors on hardware machines?