• A few months ago, I installed fog 1.2.0. It was working great, then ubuntu ran updates and broke the fog sever. I thought, ok, lets just reinstall it.

    I have now tried to install fog about 30 times. I’ve tried ubuntu 14 lts server, desktop, 32, 64, ubuntu 12 lts server, desktop, 32, 64.

    Everything fails. Any version of ubuntu 12 will not finish the install of fog, always an error checking a package. Version 14 will finish, but never be able to connect to TFTP, no matter what I do. I am following all the same steps I did when the server was working, but no luck. Has something changed? I tried CentOS and Debian as well, debian wouldn’t install apache and I forget what happened with cent. I’ve messed with this for hours, with the tftp issues, i have replaced all the passwords, turned off the firewall, etc. I have tested the tftp from the fog server itself, and it downloads the file… any other computer, nope.

    I have installed working fog servers on 3-4 occasions… It really shouldn’t be this hard

  • Senior Developer

    What are the error messages? An exact error message, or even better a copy of the install log ( Should be located in [SIZE=12px][FONT=Consolas][COLOR=#333333]/var/log/foginstall.log[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE] ), would help us out tremendously.

  • Thank you for the reply. When trying to load FOG on ubuntu 12, I get to the point of checking the packages, and the last two fail… the DCHP ones.

  • Moderator

    Oh well, does sound like you’re having “gravel in the gearbox”, doesn’t it. You are right, it definitely shouldn’t be that hard and there are numerous examples of people having things up and running. I am sure we can get you going again too!

    So let’s start with deciding about that base system? You had ubuntu running and tried a lot of different versions so I guess you might want to go with that. Or if you had enough of it I can tell you that we’re having a couple of servers up and running with debian wheezy.
    Better don’t use Ubuntu 14.xy ([url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_14.04[/url]) but older releases: [url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_12.04[/url]

    Please start again from scratch and install a new system. Then follow the instructions on how to install FOG.

    [B]And now, the most important thing:[/B] Post here straight away if you encounter [B]any[/B] error. Don’t try to fix it over and over again. Let us know about the exact error message (maybe even a screenshot or picture taken with your camera) so we are able to track things down and help you! Without exact information we won’t be able to help.