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    I’m finishing up with the process of creating an unattend.xml file and have tested it out and it works for the most part. One of the issues I am having I found the answer on this forum and I thank you guys for that. Now I have another issue and haven’t found the answer anywhere. In the wiki for fog it has this line for the 1.2.0 release:
    [QUOTE]* Add product key changer to FOG. NEEDS: client installer recompile.[/QUOTE]

    In the General info under Host Management for my test system there is a spot to enter the host product key.

    Now, in the case of host names, I know that many have instructed to add an * for the host name in the unattend.xml file so that the host would generate a name for itself and then fog would rename the host according to the name specified in Host Management. Is this the same case for the product keys where in the unattend.xml you would just enter an *, or is there more to it? Has anyone else had any experiences or successes in getting it to work? In the description on the fog wiki it says that the client installer needs to be recompiled. Are there any instructions on how to do this available? Any help would be very much appreciates, thanks!

  • Volume Licensing???

    I have been using this one for a long while now - it will activate MAK Office and Windows with ZERO hassle !!! (we dont have KMS)

    (Just rename the file to .ps1 instead of .zip … apparently the forms don’t allow .ps1 files to be uploaded)

    Edit the script where you see EDIT ME HERE to input your corporate MAK keys … make sure to match them to the right product … you can also designate the proxy (although i never been able to do that … so I whitelist microsoft instead)

    Domo Arigatto
    (From Japan)


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    Please use this patched dll instead


    It allows for either a product key or no product key

  • If you have a volume licensing product key (And would like to use your MAK), then put it in the unattend.xml file and never worry about this problem.

    If not, we get into some fun times.

    First, you’ll have to put the KMS client setup key in the unattend.xml file. You can find those over [URL=‘https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj612867.aspx’]here[/URL].
    Next, you’ll get jbob’s updated .dll file attached to the post [URL=‘http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/windows-7-activation-proposal.10745/#post-29648’]here[/URL].
    You’ll want to replace the hostnamechanger.dll in your image with this new one. To do this, you’ll have to turn off the FOG Client Service via the Services management console (services.msc) and paste the new file over the old one, which I believe is in ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\FOG’, then reboot the machine (for good measure).

    That should be all you need.