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    We are running FOG .32 on ESXi VM
    i had to restore the VM (Virtual Machine)
    Now i get this error when trying to upload a new image

    Unable to start task
    Unable to located master node from storage group.

    I am able to image a pc but not able to take a image from a pc


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    [COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3]Under Storage Management it’s listed as Max Clients and under Fog Settings you need to have Fog Configuration > Fog Settings > [FONT=Ubuntu]FOG_QUEUESIZE needs to be higher then Max Clients.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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    i got max clients set to 10 on my nodes

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    sorry for the dumb question, but where is that located… Very new to FOG

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    Go to storage menu and change the clients there.

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    I just upgrade to 1.2 and one of the nodes was out of space was my issue

    Now my issue is that i have upgraded i am only able to image 4 PC’s at a time where before i was able to do 10 or more

  • A simple thing to start with, from the GUI select storage management, select your master (and only?) storage node. Scroll to the bottom of that page and you should see username and password. Select the eye next to the password field and you should see the password fog is trying to use for FTP. Open a FTP client and use those credentials. Does it let you in?

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    i did restore the Fog VM on a different datastore
    and yes the fog server is set for the master node

    like i said i am able to deploy a image
    i am able to reg and add a PC to inventory using PXE boot
    i can see all inventory pc and printers
    i am just unable to upload a new image to the nodes

    and i am new to fog so i hope this helps

  • Did there used to be a storage node in the environment you’re trying to take an image from? A storage node that perhaps, was configured to use the FOG server when that snapshot of the FOG server (the one you used to restore) was made?

    Just an idea…

    Basically, since it stopped working when you restored it… the question now is, what’s changed about the FOG machine / environment since that last backup was made?