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    My production FOG server is running a 4 NIC bonded channel any suggestions on how to monitor its use. I’m trying to determine if this is overkill in my network or actually utilized properly before I deploy new hardware. This is on ubuntu 12.04 desktop just fyi.

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    Update we have a PRTG server running on the same network I’m working with its admin to get it to monitor via SNMP still troubleshooting that as for network from the server switch it connects direct to out 10ge backbone and from there to our fiber ring to the individual schools I have it set for 20 simultaneous connections depending on the results of the monitoring I may increase that significantly we image at 25 separate campuses so its used pretty much non stop.

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    also, look at how many PCs you are imaging… do you need that much bandwidth at once?

    A good thing to check… it may have 4 ports to your main switch, but does everywhere else have enough bandwidth to carry that?

    maybe some more information about your org could help us advise you.

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    Dozens of different monitoring solutions für linux systems exist. Here are just a few (lightweight) suggestions: munin, cacti, mrtg… Is that what you are looking for?