Rename client => ok but Joind AD not working

  • I m able to rename the client in windows 7 with fog
    but no succes to join the domain.
    Use fogcrypt for the user password and the admin
    add a fog user on the client (necessary ?)
    had to correct the path for netdom in the C:\Program Files (x86)\FOG\etc\config.ini

    The ip is correct cause renaming is working

    Fog version Version:1.2.0
    ubuntu 12.04
    Did i forgot something ?


  • [QUOTE] The Username (in either settings or the host) is the Active Directory username and password pair.[/QUOTE]
    That was my mistake… :-)
    I correct that and now it s working

    Thanks a lot !

  • Developer

  • Developer

    i believe that’s an authentication error. verify that the username exists on the domain and has permissions to join computers.

  • Ok… Now indeed it s more clear… :-)
    And i have an error AD
    12/02/2015 17:26 FOG::HostnameChanger Attempting to connect to fog server…
    12/02/2015 17:26 FOG::HostnameChanger Module is active…
    12/02/2015 17:26 FOG::HostnameChanger AD mode requested, confirming settings.
    12/02/2015 17:26 FOG::HostnameChanger Hostname is up to date
    12/02/2015 17:26 FOG::HostnameChanger Attempting to join domain if not already a member…
    12/02/2015 17:26 FOG::HostnameChanger Domain Error! (‘Unknown Error’ Code: 1326)

    Now i ll check again the different parameters !
    Thanks again a lot for that explanation !

  • Senior Developer

    I think you’re not understanding.

    The Host Active directory is how FOG knows to join a domain or not.

    The checkbox there is what needs to be checked and the settings should autopopulate.

    The Username (in either settings or the host) is the Active Directory username and password pair.

    The password needs to be FOGCrypted.

    Then when a client reboots or the “FOG Service” on the client machine gets restarted, it will initially check these things for you. If AD Join is not checked, it’s not going to try to join the system to the domain.

  • Joining a domain has to be done during a task image ? or can it be done after like for example renaming the computer.
    Yes I know… I should not use the admin account for that. I ll check asap to find how the delegation is working to add computer in AD. For the moment, it s still a test AD so no big deal…
    another log file and i changed the log size in the ini file


  • Developer

    the checkbox needs to be checked, and you should NOT use an admin account for this purpose. the account should have rights to do only what it needs to do: domain join, host rename, etc. the account should have no rights otherwise.
    i recommend increasing the log file size on the client for troubleshooting.

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