Changed HDD to SSD and Image Doesn't Work

  • Hello,
    I have had my Fog lab setup for a few weeks now and I’m loving it. I converted all of my Ghost/Clonezilla images over and I was hoping to never look back.

    I did have an odd issue today. This may be a problem or it may be a lack of understanding on my part so I apologize if it’s the latter.

    I have a Dell Latitude e6430s image that I created with an OEM HDD (320GB WD Blue). It works great and I’ve even deployed it to a e6430s with a 250GB HDD without issue.

    Today I installed a 120GB SSD into one of my e6430s machines and attempted to drop down my image (capacity shouldn’t be an issue as the image is only 19GB). This is where it gets weird. The machine PXE boots, connects to the TFTP server without issue and doesn’t report any errors. However, Partclone never starts. The machine runs through inventorying and then reboots without ever starting Partclone.

    [URL=‘!835&authkey=!ALNREfAlTvZUQyg&ithint=video%2Cmp4’]Here is a video of what is happening.[/URL]

    You’ll see that it runs through without issue and ends with “Database Updated!” “Task is completed, computer will now restart.” (pause the video at around 11 seconds). The PC then reboots and never images the disk.

    If I check compatibility it says that the hard drive is OK.

    What’s more, I ended up making it work with Ghost. I converted the image to Ghost, dropped it on the SSD, captured the SSD with Fog and that image works fine. I deployed it on another e6430s with a 120GB SSD.

    Is this a known issue with scaling on Fog or am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you for your time!

  • Doh! I’m a fool. I was not capturing the images as “resizable”.

    I converted one of my images to resizable and it appears to be working now.

    Thank you!

  • Senior Developer

    I guess you’re using resizeable image type, right? As Junkhacker said, please see if the disk has been initialized after FOG went through without imaging. Boot up the client in debug download session and run:
    [CODE]# sfdisk -d /dev/sda

    fogpartinfo --list-parts /dev/sda


    See what it says before running FOG (start ‘fog’ as a command) and after it went through…

  • Developer

    have the new SSD drives been initialized?