• Alright, now that you guys helped with my wireless MAC option (thanks!) I’ve got another question.

    I have 2 sites, both connected via a VPN. Currently, I have 2 different FOG servers, one at each site. They both host the same images, snapins, etc.

    If I was to remove one machine, and replace it with just a storage node, would my clients in the site with the storage node pull from it automatically? I don’t want the clients to pull the image across the vpn for bandwidth reasons. But I would love to be able to manage one box and not duplicate effort all the time.

    I think i’ve explained myself, but if not, ASCII graphic of network incoming:

    Current network
    {site a} ---------------VPN-----------------{site b}
    [Fog1] [Fog2]

    Client boots in site a, dhcp gives them fog 1, they pull from fog 1. Same in Site b

    Proposed Network:

    {site a} ---------------VPN-----------------{site b}
    [Fog1} [StorageNode]

    Client boots in either site, DHCP gives them fog 1, and if in Site b, pulls from that storage node over the lan instead of the vpn.

  • I also noticed the new site. It’s very nice and I’m glad the development continues. Keep up the good work

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    Glad someone noticed the new site ^^. We wanted to make a new one for awhile now, but the opportunity never really presented itself. What you see is the result of one hectic weekend with Tom and I playing a balancing act between our normal work routines, constant work on finding a color scheme the whole development team liked, and trying to throw together something presentable. It was a busy weekend.

  • Perfect. I wasn’t aware that even existed. Leave a project alone for a while, come back to a snazzy new website and all my questions answered!

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    I believe its touched on here and involves the location plugin.

  • Bah, the formatting took out my spacing. Fog2 and Storage Node should be under {site b}