Windows 7 - Single Disk resizable

  • I can successfully create and deploy images as long as the computer I am using as the “master image” creator has a hard drive smaller than any of the computers that the image will be deployed to. What I would like is to use the resizable option so that the target machines can have a smaller drive if that is what is installed. The image size looks ok, the download and/or deploy/download seems to work ok, but the computer will not boot to the image that was written.

    • Testing using both the SAME physical computer as well as identical hardware except for the disk drive.
    • Fog version 1.2.0
    • Ubuntu Server 14.04LTS

    Quick side question: How do you clear the fog logs?

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    [quote=“Mark Cheavens, post: 42226, member: 28207”]Still can’t image/deploy a windows7 computer if using single disk resizable.[/quote]
    What exactly do you mean by this? Error messages? Deploy going through but windows 7 is damaged afterwards?

    Probably a good idea to check the partition tables and see what FOG does with it. Please run a debug upload session with your master pc and run this commands before you start the upload:
    [CODE]# sfdisk -d /dev/sda[/CODE]

    After downloading the image to another computer you can start another debug session and see how the partition table looks like…

  • Any ideas on what to try, or logs to inspect. Still can’t image/deploy a windows7 computer if using single disk resizable.
    Created on a clean install of 1.2.0 and deploy minutes later to the same hardware. I don’t know if the image has a problem, or if the deploy has the problem. Image “size” looks to be correct (about the same size as when I create it using single disk not resizeable).


  • Fresh image using 1.2.0. Same Fog server.

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    How was the original “master image created” fresh? From 0.32?

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